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The criterion for man’s superiority should be that how much he could promote human high values, how much he could be encouraged by them. Qualities are only instruments, then the instruments are mere. Sticks and knives themselves are neither adornable nor condemnable. Their use was done to torment or to save life? On this basis, they may be condemned or praised. Human beings and qualifications are also such a tool. Wherever they are used, it is found in his thoughts and actions. The glory and respect of humanity should not be associated with these fundamental instruments, its life should be linked to the ideas and traditions. On the same basis, a tradition of receiving, receiving, should be made.

The commodity that increases prestige, is appreciated, people get encouragement to follow the same path to do the same work. If we take some caution in praise and condemnation, respect and disgrace, then people can give a great deal of inspiration in not walking on the path. They are usually praised, who have collected special success, qualifications, wealth and wealth. Miracles are greeted. This method is wrong. People do not collect the idols only for their convenience, but to achieve prestige is also a purpose. When the wealthy people get a reputation in the society, the hungry man of Man gets eager to get him at any cost. One of the main reasons for the rise in crime and crime is that the people of the past appreciate every success and look at every failure with disdain. Against wealth, respect should be done only to respect the rich when it has been earned policy and virtue. If we have respect for the person who has become wealthy by the money earned from unrighteousness and unrighteousness, then it encourages the tendency to commit such crimes, and from this point of view we also become a partner in crime growth.

We have a great means of encouraging others to move on the road, to the path, that is respect and disrespect. The way it is merely a small event, but its results are far-reaching, in the same way, far-reaching consequences of revealing respect are possible. Just a few votes can pick up the election equilibrium from here. And the personality of that person can reach an important place and achieve unexpected role in national and international sectors. Some votes show their influence in the wider area and can create realities of unimaginable reality. Likewise, if our respected intellect presents a prudent role, then the number of steps can be taken to stop the growing steps on the path, and the pathways which are shifting towards the road can be promptly moving forward towards that direction.

Those who have presented some ideals in their lives, while carrying obstacles, should have public respect, they should be praised with free thoughts and those who are progressing through the ignominious paths, praise and support are not in any way Should do Being involved in undesirable activities is also to encourage them in a way because only by the presence of the superior men, people accept their support in the work, and then they themselves begin to cooperate. In this way, our direct and indirect support in improper acts ultimately proves to be an extension of them.

We should evaluate human beings not by its successes and figures, but on the basis of that policy and activity, on which basis that success has been achieved. A person who is dishonestly millionaire should also be disgraced in our vision and he should be provided with gratitude, prestige, reverence, respect and cooperation to the unsuccessful and poor person who protected the high ideals of life in the worst circumstances. It is a matter of remembering that unless the criteria of the public, blasphemy, honor and disrespect change will not change, by offering a plethora of mustache, pride will be more disorderly day by day, and due to virtue, limited success or failure Those who get greedy and frustrated will start to get distracted by the truth. This strong motivation has been presented in the age-building resolution that we should not be the criterion of man’s evaluation and his attributes and philosophies to be gentlemanliness and idealism.

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