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This world is a big drawback. You have done a good job with neighbor, helped it, then she would like to help more. If he does not, then he will do evil of righteous. This is law of world that person you have been virtuous with, will become the more hostile to you. The more enemies will be; Because the person who wanted to get you a hundred rupees and you gave him fifteen rupees. Brother, today is the handicap of money, take fifteen rupees from us and work from anywhere else. You gave him fifteen rupees and he went to your discount account, because you have not paid fifty rupees. So he is upset that he could give five rupees, and he could sell his house. Could have borrowed or could bring it from anywhere; But not given. He will drink a sigh of blood and will say, and he will say that the big cunning man is.

This is the world’s trend. Wherever you go anywhere in the world, the wishes of the world go on increasing that we are given less. We need more The dissatisfaction goes up. And this discontent eventually results in enmity and anger. Friends, this is such a weird world. How can you be righteous in this empty world? While you do not have the method of worshiping stones in your mind. When the joy of worshiping the stone will come in your life, on that day you will understand that it will not yield any result. No praise is received and no response is going to happen. If you go to your mind in this spirit, then friends! You will go on doing good and enduring till the last breath, till the last time, otherwise your beliefs will get stuck.

You served society in every situation; But when the elections stood, people did not vote for MP MLA and gave it to another. This gives you a lot of shock You said that brother We had unwavering service; But the public did not give up in the elections. It is such a poor public Fuck, we do our work. We do not have to win elections. Such devotion is also required in worship. You worshiped one stone of one stone and loved one-sided. For worship, we go to worship. Burn incense What is sunlight? The sunlight is the name of a candle. Is the name of a sink. Is a wooden name. She keeps burning and spreads fragrance.

Does God get any benefit in spreading aroma? What is our advantage? Yes, we get one benefit and that is, we think that by the manner of sunlight and candy we will have to burn and all society will have fragrance spread. Therefore, our life should be a fragrance life, a fragrance life. The incense also burns and we also burn the burns, aroma arises. Let the sunlight remain and say to him that the incense will spread the fragrance, the sunlight says that I do not spread. Why? The fragrance can be spread on burning. Will have to burn. That is why man has to burn in life. Like the incense, fragrance is spreading.

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