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God has not given humans so many facilities, attributes that they enjoy themselves by themselves and are engaged in charms of provoking fire of their desires and desires. If God had given such facilities to humans to have fun, and other animals would have been deprived of it, then surely he would have been biased. Why injustice to other creatures and generosity of generosity with human being, why would he do benevolence, which is famous as the unbiased, worldly father, parallel and judicial.

Expecting other creatures, man has got a boon of intellectual talent, talent, qualification, emotion, speech, education, cleverness, wealth, art, beauty, science, power etc. He is a kind of public trust. The key to the treasury lies with the cashier, it does not mean that the treasure is for its personal use. The army has the right to command army, gunpowder, and army in hands of army chief, but this does not mean that they use all these things for their benefit. If the coin-printers, who print notebooks for printing or printing, will be called proper? Large officers are appointed to run the Government duty. They are given power, they have to use them to make things happen, they can spend just as much as they can get for their own welfare. Due to being eldest son of God, man has been appointed in a way like Prince, the Treasurer, the Chief of the Staff, officer of the rank. What is more than that of other creatures is to fulfill all divine purposes.

After accumulating use of life-saving essentials, man should use his remaining power and talent for public welfare, for public interest, for the promotion of goodwill. That’s his duty and job. Anyone who does not fulfill it will be considered a criminal and will be punished for neglecting duty. There is a restriction on employees not to do any personal business. Reason is that government knows that if employee is more coveted by not being satisfied with salary given for sustenance, then he will neglect government work. Therefore, he has warned that if appointed hour is to be done in government duty, the remaining hours should be increased in order to increase their qualifications, strength and happiness so that there is no problem in completing duty. If an employee starts engaging in personal pleasure and enjoying personal enjoyment in violation of this restriction, and if government duty is discontinued, then it will have to become king’s chest and punishment for crime.

In this era of creation, the attention has been drawn towards this very essential duty, the life of a human being is not for selfishness but for the devotee. The person who consumes your earnings in the scriptures is considered a thief. Everyone should adopt a tendency to earn a hundred hands and donate through thousand hands.

What is found should be shared by eating it. The person who is mixed with the other creatures is not earning of his own personal property, but from creation of creation, result of the work of labor and renunciation of the best of the good people till now. If this had not happened, then humans would have been cutting their days like reef monkeys, like a weak wild animal. The name of the virtuous process of renunciation and kindness is the name of religion, culture and humanity. On the basis of that, it was possible to move forward on the progress path. If this virtue is broken, human beings begin to adopt a policy of thinking only about their own meaning and to be engaged in it, then surely human culture will be destroyed and distortion that will result from violation of Divine Order will bring the whole world I have to endure heavy troubles. To ignore the divine, you have to ax your feet. The foundation of peace and prosperity as a rock, which is being made as the inner spirit of the human beings, to destroy it, to become selfish, it is certainly the most foolishness to live. By adopting this stupidity, we invite the most ample objections, and in the swamp of confusion, we go deeper in the day-to-day.

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