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The reason for normalizing body’s size or extraction isextraordinary – it is only pituitary granule in brain. In it, there was anequal difference in the number of hair that such distortions arise in body. Dr.Harvey Cushing, Survivor of Harvard University School, removed a puppy’spituitary glands. Just do not raise it again. The puppy has remained forever.The children of the rats were given the glands, but they remained very smalleven when they gave good food, but their height increased and there was nodifference in weight. They remained childless until they were old. ColumbiaUniversity surgeon Philip Smith fits a rat’s pituitary granule in second, thendue to increase of double hormone, rat increased extraordinary and became likea three-fold monster compared to its companions.

By the difference in hormonal glands, development of body can abnormally stop and can grow in a surprising manner. The 25-inch tall man, Tamathamb, and a 24-inch woman, are astonished in the sight of people of Levonia, but this is just a slight reversal of hormonal glands. Tamothb was 9 lb 2 oz at birth, but what did not happen was that instead of hope, it remained where. Used to make money for the jugglers. He also discovered a dwarf girl like himself, making her business even more attractive by marrying her. If their neck slips on the other side, then the length of the length will increase. The 8-foot 11-inch-tall man looked like a Robert Vadli palm tree. In Pajamu, a seven-foot tall, Tilvar, kept drawing people’s attention to its unique length just a few days back.

The ruler Jar Peter of Russia was himself tall, he loved a long man. When a beloved long Sergeant died, Jar ordered his bone-pigger to be kept safe in the Museum of Kunstakaiar. Since then he had kept it. Now two hundred years later, with the help of X-rays, the reason for the extraordinary length of that skeleton has been discovered, it has been found to cause more secretion of the pituitary gland.

In Alexandria there was a dwarf whose height was only 17 inches; the name was Eliphus. The wealthy Jambilakus of that place had kept it for his guests to entertain him and he was occasionally taken off the parrot cage and taken away.

A girl in Cincinnati city of Ohio (United States) was a queen Fannie Miles. It was born in 1880. All its organs were simple but feet claws were exceptionally long. Their length was two to two feet. All were afraid of this strangeity and no one was ready to marry him.

Alfred Lenzewen, a citizen of Detroit, Michirana (US), was endowed with a unique physical trait. The way other people who breathe with nostrils can take it from the eyes and could leave. As a test, the burns lamp and candles were extinguished after seeing the eyes and nose and extinguished the eyes.

The voice of Fedepajel was so strong that when he said in need, he could have been heard for three miles.

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