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You cannot become prosperous or not, something happens by it – does not worsen. Even people in poverty have lived a great life, and despite being rich, the man has created so much discord that he himself has died and killed others too. So I do not say to you about prosperity. By construction I mean by virtue, deeds and nature. Do all that you can do to change these characteristics, man’s complacency, habits and thinking to change style, but also for the family. In the family, the name ‘Labor’ comes, the name of the order comes, the name of frugality comes, the name of cooperative, complacency comes. All these things come in it. You decide all these things yourself and keep your family home. It is a great way to build personality, build character, build up contemplation. How can you implement it, when it comes to contemplating and meditating in solitude, then think about it. This third thing is constructional stream.

What does self-development mean? Self-development means that to increase the scope of your own, your ‘ego’ is. People’s scope is very small in manner of a frog in the well. They believe their body itself. Do not believe that we are merely a component of the entire society. What is the cost of a particle of blood? When a group of all the particles of blood are found, then the blood is transmitted. What happens to a particle, it becomes a matter only when combined. So do not limit your scope. You try to rise above narrow selfishness. Instead of ‘I’ you learn to say ‘we’. If you keep doing ‘I am’, then you will be limited like a goat and will be surrounded by a small circle in manner of a frog in the well, in which you and your family will be left alone. No relation with your society or God will remain, so develop your own scope.

 This whole world is just like us. With the help of this we are alive So our cooperation should be met all. If you think in this way, then you will become a community, you will become a character citizen, you will start expressing your love for the country, religion, society and culture and their problems

They will also accept your problem. What has happened? Expansion of the soul. This is the expansion of the soul which we call in the name of spiritual progress, by calling the name of spiritual progress. This is the way it is possible to reach the complete goal of the man walking on. This is the way for you too.

There is only one way for you and everyone, to increase the scope of your own. The saints did this, the great men did the same. They do not live for themselves. Live for society, for country, religion and culture. Attend everyone’s sorrows and share their sorrows and share your happiness. Sharing your happiness and sharing the sorrows of others, this is a family trend. Make your trends countenance family life. In same way you understand your family as well as in your own way, consider all the society as yourself, understand the whole country as your own. All human beings, understand the world as your own and increase your scope.

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