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Molecular physicist is proud of his accomplishments and is trying to utilize that power in schemes like warfare, to meet shortage of electricity. It is duty of self-scientists that they should prove importance and utility of self power with same passion and readiness in such a way that it is possible to understand the generality of its dignity. The great human being is virtually a life-tested experiment that came to be able to collect and utilize self power and utilized progress of progress through this experiment. Law system of being able to use power of knowledge power, will power and power of action power, and ability to use it in creative direction, is called Spirituality Science. In Middle Ages, its form has become distorted by people of the dark faith and faith, and the exploitative practitioner has spread, and the disfigurement also spreads, but there is no indication of the fundamental fact. Truth is where it was present there. Energy of molecular power is disadvantaged. It can be made ridiculous by placing it at the market level of prodigy appreciation in the humorous gestures of miracles, but if it is properly understood and handled – in his personal development and social prosperity, his dignity can be used by the well-known persons. Can prove to be more important in comparison. By adopting this principle also for spiritual purposes, Yogi Siddha, saints have taken many benefits. Swami Vivekananda has written about the passenger Baba near the place called Guji in Benaras district, that he did not accept gross food. Pausa means air, ahari means that the eclipse which means that only consuming the food of the air. He used to practice meditation on the Girnar mountain of Kathiawar, India. Months were closed in cave. Many times people would have been suspicious that they died. But when they were removed, there was no difference in their health. A team of US doctors once examined him and told him- ‘The element that Element takes from the body belongs to all those elements.’ While they were not eating food. Mr. Pahari Baba used to take all the elements of food and minerals in air through consciousness of his thoughts and emotions, and this was result of he remained alive without eating. Such hundreds of examples and miracles of the transfer of substances by mental consciousness can still be seen in many yogis who live in Himalayas. It is possible only by development of power of endless consciousness. General idea of substance of nucleus of substance is with its electronic power, so the power of self-consciousness cannot be estimated. Energy is not a gross matter. The only form of heat, light and light is called energy.

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