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If the wrongdoer is forgiven by tolerating injustice towards himself, then hatred turns into love. Whenever you suffer from the injustice done by yourself, when you are forgiven for forgiveness from him, and you, thus accepting penalties by yourself and accepting penalties, then the anger turns into renunciation.

When the anger and malice change in renunciation and love, then salvation is attained automatically or else say that integrality and inconsistency come automatically. This is real pleasure.

It is also clear on our inspection that when we are motivated by anger, we are moving towards the senses, then on basis of sensory knowledge, we feel a lot of different abnormalities and by being entrenched in the sensory nature, Attachment and subordination, inertia etc. are also bound. Not only this, in the end, we experience the powerlessness and adopt the natural rest, ie the retirement, which in turn leads to loss of powerlessness and the achievement of the necessary power without effort. If we are unhappy with the misery caused by inefficiency, inertia, inequality, etc., by exposing the power accumulated by retirement, we become introverted in the interest of yoga, in inertia-consciousness, inequality-inequality, subordination-freedom and multiplicity-unity Turns into Then the fulfillment of the natural need and the untimely desires are automatically redeemed which is demand of human beings.

It is a real introspection only to get a clear identity of its current state. Without it, we cannot make ourselves innocent. The sight of defect in the human form is automatically present, but the uncircumcised animal begins to use it on its own and not on its own, which results in severe and painful consequences. The biggest disadvantage of seeing altruistic flaws is that the animal is deprived of seeing its faults and binds in hypocrisy and creates hatred in heart. Although heart is place of love, it is not possible to break, but it is possible only when human beings are persistent in seeing their faults without seeing faults. One of the major differences in looking at our own and other faults is that when we see faults, we connect with the defects. By which time the culprits themselves become guilty, but when we see our faults, we disguise ourselves with defects, which leads to selflessness, which is dear to all. Hence it is proven indisputable that use of philosophy of blame should be used only on one’s own life, not on anyone else.

Though the eternal truth exists in every human form in the form of a seed, but by not respecting it, the creature has turned away from the truth, and by being bound in the variable state and circumstance, he has made himself poor and arrogant and constellation. To get rid of this tragic bondage, it becomes mandatory that creature inspect his condition in light of discrimination (which is true) and incompatible with the state of the state, and by transforming the misdeeds into virtuousness, make them uncomfortable.

This is experience of every human being that scene relates to happiness and misery and there is no sorrow left when there is inconsistency with the view. The person wants to separate himself, even after accepting the relationship with the dear person and the person, because without separating, he cannot attain peace and strength which is dear to him. Is this proven indisputable? That animal wants to be separated from every person and thing etc. for deep sleep, tired of dearly-beloved tendencies. Although there is no difference of symmetry and sorrow in sleeping, however, the creature gets overturned and seeks a condition in which there is a similarity and sadness, but there is no nonsense. . When that condition is available, when it sees the rise of it, then it is distraught for the lifeless, supernatural, infinite, irrevocable life, that is, the No-option status expects no-action perception, which prevents past and self from all stages is. Interest of this self-evident infinite life exists only in human nature. For this, it is mandatory to oppose all the states. As soon as the differences arise from the states, this transitory life is experienced.

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