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Younger girls and boys look almost alike. Their differences can be identified with clothing, hair, otherwise they laugh, play and eat together, no particular difference is seen, but when the age of twelve starts rising above age, then there is a lot of difference between the two. The boy’s voice starts to be heavy. The lips of the lips seem to be black and the soft organs seem to be stiff. Girls seem to be ashamed, some of their organs start emerging and new types of wishes and wishes begin to rot in the mind.

This is the handiwork of ‘hormones’ secretions. From time to time, they wake up like if an alarm is placed in a timer or a time bomb is fitted with time forks. With regard to puberty, all the games are played by them. All other bodies have been working properly in their own way, but if the secretion of these hormones is low then puberty will not be developed and if it develops in some way then there will be no emergence of lust, libido will be awakened, Would be interested in How will there be child reproduction?

Normally, the incidence of sexuality starts from the age of 15-16 years and ends almost 60 years. At the age of fifty years, both of their sensual physical capacity and mental aspiration are exhausted when the menstrual cycle closes. Similarly, reaching the age of 60 years, the senses and aspirations of a man also relax and end. This is the normal order. But at times the strength of hormones presents a surprising exception in this context. Very young age children have been seen not only in complete transplantation, but also in successful breeding. In the same way, in the old age, this type of puberty has been found to be perfect.

If there is a disturbance in the hormones related to genders, then the woman can get a mustache. Men can be without a mustache and both tend to be different gender. Women can be harsh and behaved like men and women, like men. Sexual aspirations can also be like opposite classes. Not only this, many times the incidence of these hormones can be such that the texture of the reproductive organs will change. News of many such operations continue to be heard from time to time, in which male genitalia develops from males and females, and then by surgery it has been declared as a different gender than life. According to this new situation, they have found partners to marry and make a householder.

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