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The tendency of introspection is essential to those who walk on path of morality. It means that we should continue our efforts to consider their faults in light of discrimination and to try to overcome them. It is very difficult to attain innocence without such introspection.

On inspection of Unity, knowledge and truth of unity and utilization of the force and qualifications automatically arises. If we cannot see false or are unaware of the truth and are not familiar with our duty then we should understand that we did not inspect ourselves. There is no need for any other guru or scripture to observe his worth, because light of which everything is happening in it, there is infinite power in it. The person doing his insights becomes integral to him, which is actually the most past despite everything else. Our inspection inspires us with respect to the usefulness of the force and the dignity of conscience. With the help of force, indecision will disappear with respect to the weaknesses and discretion.

Every creature hopes for its use of any kind of force of stronger ones than himself, but he himself misuses the weaknesses of his own received force, so if he does not disrespect his own discretion, then what else?

Force is meaning of all kinds ie Body-power, Money-power, Knowledge-power etc. Due to misuse of money, misuse of education, knowledge, science and art in the society, misuse of income, abuse of wealth, violence and theft in society, the misery of governance, and the birth of anti-governance, etc. leads to increase of maladies.

Every creature has its own nature in love, yet it does not become non-violent, it is prone to violence; hence heart is filled with arrogance, which is root of struggle. Therefore, to overcome the conflict, each brother and sister must free their heart from anger. To be devoid of arrogance, it is very necessary to be non-violent. The conscience of our defense protects us from being non-violent, which is eternal truth. But today we are thinking of eradicating the conflict with scientific inventions by the use of violent experiments, which is utterly impossible, due to the disrespect of discrimination, the struggle of the creature arises from the mind. So long as the conflict of mind will not disappear, till then the struggle of society can never be erased, whether it be scientifically or family or social.

Every criminal looks forward to forgiveness and wants to arrange punishment for others. It is hoping for everyone who is non-violent, fearless, generous, forgiving, devoted, truthful, and humble, with all divine qualities, but he cannot do same kind of goodness to others. Hopes to have a respectful respect towards you, but insult and sarcasm to others, it is actually a mistake. The result is that creature becomes angry against others and is guilty of others who is root of all miseries.

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