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Unfortunately, there is no loss of self. His harmful waves circulate in the world, contaminate the atmosphere, thereby causing great wars, in which innumerable persons are destroyed.

The third means of self-creation – ‘intellectual development.’ This makes discipline of good conduct and misdeeds awake. What is auspicious? Who is inauspicious? Knowledge is gained only by the development of human intellect, there are four main means of intellectual development – Good-company, study, thought and error.

Good-company brings good welfare of family and society. With contact of those scholars or thinkers who have made spiritual progress in world, they get a lot of resources to avoid the inequalities of the world. Their problems are solved, they are helped to collect the means of salvation from the difficulties ahead. it occurs .

Man from study receives Good-company of great men. Meaning of book is to live in front of you as the pages of a book of scholars. Books can be contacted from such great men, who are not in the world but have left their mark in human world. Regular self-determination of best religious texts is essential for development of moral mental development. Keeping compilation of finest texts in house, home environment is cleaned. Waves of auspicious ideas are pervasive everywhere.

In order to save mind, order of intellect-development is in right direction. Idea considers true-mindedness and divine-consciousness in mind. Remember, ‘Where you are, there is God, there you are God.’ ‘Your life and behavior are systematically arranged with divine management, God loves you and always is your helper, you are never sad, calm or disappointed. It is possible that because your operator is divine, all the creatures in the world are your self-restraint, your body is the place of God’s worship. This kind of divine emotions will lead your life. Person can self-construct success.

By mistake, intellect-growth happens. One mistake means – For the next to be honest Many animals in the world learn discretion in error, but humans learn from them very quickly. Mistake means that in the future you will not repeat your mistake. By mistake the experience grows. The experience of a person in the world is the only importance. Experience is the earnestness earned by many mistakes. If we do not repeat mistake, it helps a lot in development of intelligence. There have been many moments in the lives of great men when they have become great on the strength of their mistakes.

The ultimate means of self-creation is the expansion of self. This is highest level of development with view of seeker. By reaching this level, seeker sees whole soul. He considers his body to be God’s house. The object that he sees are all the parts of his soul. The scope of his soul is streamlined in which enemies and friends all join. Those who pay particular attention to the discrimination of their own, they cannot move forward in self-determination. The fact that our scientists have described the principle of self-borne sovereign is the fact that humans see everyone in self-realization and at least reduce the sense of difference in the least amount.

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