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The atom is activity of generating power – atom-disintegration. Uranium is basically used for this. It is easily broken by trauma of nitrogen. Majority of available uranium is not suitable for dissolution. In it, 0.71 percent is fragmentary fraction, but other things are found in it – which can be called fertile. The effort is being made to make this fertile fraction as futhery. In language of scientists, pure fraction is called uranium-235 and incorrect part-238. At this 238 degree, the neutralization of nitrogen is also transformed into a new substance-plutonium-239. Thus, almost all of this will be made to be used for generating nuclear power by turning the masala twisting. If this molecule power can be utilized in good faith, then there can be infinite production of prosperity and there can be many fold increase in human happiness and peace. Creative experiments of molecule power have been thought and they can be implemented smoothly. But this is possible only when goodwill is produced in laboratories of intercourse. Seeing the dreadfulness of molecule weapons and abundance of their production, today all human beings are getting increasingly confused with Mahamaran’s troubles. In fact, the problem is not the human malignancy of molecular power, on the basis of which nectar becomes poison. If the pasha changes, the place of mischief should be taken good, and the use of molecular power will be used in creative work, the area of ​​its pleasant possibilities can also be very broad.

Istop is made by regulating radio activation in a controlled and systematic order. They are used in medicine, industry, hydrauli etc. Radio din isotopes are used to prevent disorder of Thyroid glands. Gold is produced in the treatment of Aestop Cancer. Phosphorus is the treatment of increased white blood cells in blood. They are used in activities like harvesting insects, increasing production, body and water examinations. They can be constructed with the help of instruments in a closed cabin. Now to focus on the atomic power, the focus of science is to achieve the power and inexpensive electricity. To make sea water potable, this power has to be used extensively. To replace the hydrogen gas found in water- To navigate the vessel, the airplane-rugged mountainous grounds will have to use as much power as possible, except that much amount of molecule power can not be found. Power of generating electricity from molecule energy is now being done in many developed countries.

In 1971, there were 102 reactors generating electricity from 120 molecule power from around the world and 19 thousand megaton power was being generated from them, now this increase is being done rapidly. It is estimated that in year 1980, 3 million tonnes of electricity will be born on this basis, which will be 15 percent of all electricity generation in the world. In 2000, half the power will be generated by the molecule power. These days electricity, steam, oil, gas, coal etc. are used to meet needs of fuel and their diversified purposes are proven. In future, source of power can become a molecule energy and it can be the work that is not possible with today’s instruments. The ground can be made flat, fertile and useful by making the mountains powdery. Sea water can be sweetened. Like the molecule power, the consciousness of man is the power under which the mind, intellect, mind, self-realization are known as intercession. Mental qualities such as passion, readiness, concentration, dignity, loyalty, perseverance and courage are such that on basis of molecular strength, even millions of times more intense spiritual power can be awakened, expanded, prevented and used. Molecular science is more advanced than science. When there is so much power in the root molecule, the proportion of consciousness in comparison to the root should be the importance of self power.

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