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Human life can be utilized in two ways – (1) self-determination (2) nation-building. It is known that self-determination is possible through following means- (1) Protecting body (2) Conquering feelings (3) Intellectual development (4) Enlightenment

First instrument of self-determination is human body. Body is instrument with help of which man moves forward on path of duty in world, the maternal uncle adheres to the duties and understands progress of world, society, country and world. How is the world? How much progress is going on in it? In what direction is it happening? How good or evil is; It is dependent on human body. Just as the blind man’s eyes are green everywhere, so the patient’s body is inclined from the whole world. Sinking, it seems to be destroyed and erupted. Unhealthy places, scandalous, practicing people enjoying worldly pleasures; Makeup stimulant substance; Something does not appear except for Who has put his body on alcohol, tobacco, charms, opium, and so on. This person lives in category of animalism, living life of frozen narcotic insects. Unhealthy patient’s thoughts are also unhealthy; Are bad. It sees the world getting screwed in narrowness of ego. What patient body can do for its good and can do good for others. His thoughts, plans, patients, fantasies are contaminated, desires are illuminated and desires will remain undesirable.

Will of self-determination Make healthy and healthy body, from which you can avoid self-destructive thinking and, by avoiding harmful fantasies, organize your life with divine management. You should accept that which is auspicious. Healthy sacred life is dependent on food. According to food you eat, your feelings are created. Softwares – Healthy humans made on wheat rice, fruit juice, milk, nuts, etc. can easily make self-restraint easier. His feelings will not be attracted to objects. He will never take the feelings of hatred, hatred, jealousy, anger towards others. In contrast to meat; The healthy body will remain hollow from the inside, on the strength of alcoholic beverages, tumor stimulants, etc. It is like a wall of sand that can be shaken with a shock. Sleep, labor, breathing exercises, milk, buttermilk, flower juices – all these elements are invaluable to protect body. It is compulsory for fasting to be free from disease and purify intimate.

Second dedication of self-determination is – victory over emotions. If corrupt lusts go to action and development of divine property, then progressive self-development can happen. Wrath, hatred, hatred, greed and pride, cruelty, disappointment, undesirable motivation are important in ill-tempered feelings, they should be gradually sub-sectioned. One of ways to get rid of them is to develop qualities like patience, patience, enthusiasm, love, generosity, charity, humility, justice, truthful words, divine expressions. As the divine attributes develop, the defects will become self-aware, this is the only way to get rid of the bad ones. Open the door of love to you. Understand the whole world as your own insect-kites and animals. Love the world Your enemies will drown themselves, friendship will flourish. Similarly, start developing the qualities of patience, generosity, kindness, etc. The illusion of these qualities will not leave any ill feeling in your body.

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