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Breaking nucleus gives enormous energy. For this, particles have to give extra energy. For this, significant abstinence has been made, which are called cyclotron or cicatone. There is a capacity of 30 billion electrol vault capacity in America’s Brooke Heaven area. There is also more than two and a half times more capacity in the restraint made in Russia’s dipping area. If a pound material is converted into full force based on the power of the infinite energized by Einstein, then it will receive as much energy as 1400000 tons of coal burning. In this, a person of 25 thousand horse power can continue to work continuously for several weeks. This new ‘Nuclear superpower’ will definitely transform the world, this fact was known by all the knowledgeable people at same time. In United States, Association of ‘Atomic Scientists’, whose findings had been made an atom bomb, published a report titled – ‘In relation to the true meaning of the atom bomb, one is in front of the public Statement. ‘On the front page it was written in bold letters – ‘Vivan World and Nope’. It meant that either the whole world will be one or the world will remain. This new deliberate power, which has come under the control of the selfish man of law, is so fierce that some estimates can be made from those details, which are periodically published in letters of America and Europe. It is known that two million TNTs power that is in the (explosive) force is found in one kilogram of power ‘U235’ (substance called ‘uranium’ which is used in the atom bomb). One kilogram of uranium ‘thermonuclear’ 5.7 million TNT There is a tremendous power to blast similarly.

You can estimate that its effect will be as much as one lakh cannon fierce balls. As fear of hydrogen bombs increases, people are becoming more and more active in finding a method of throwing them at the visionary goal in the shortest possible time. Until a few years ago, the main means of this work were jet planes, which could last 400 to 1500 miles per hour. This motion invaders were very less known. At this speed it will take at least three hours to reach Russia from Russia and China for six hours. Hence the ‘rockets’ carrying bombs were made, in which very powerful chemical materials were filled. Their speed is approximately 15 to 25 thousand miles per hour. But in this molecule age, people were not satisfied with this, and mechanism of rocket running through material of molecule was considered. Now with experiments of ‘plasma’ and ‘proton’, this speed has been increased to 50 million miles in an hour. This speed is only a little lower than the speed of lightning. It can not be said that now it is a matter of principle or even in practice, even if it is decided that United States and Russia have made such rockets that can reach any part of the world in less than an hour . In the Second World War, Hitler created a permanent rocket named B-1B-2 and by his own country, he had bombarded England only.

13 thousand people were killed and injured. The creator of this weapon, Dr. Berger has gone to America today. There he continues to mature America’s anti-American communist country with method of destruction by nuclear power. In 1961, he had counseled that there should be preparation for leaving hundreds of molecules simultaneously with flying planes. In addition to above parts of the atom, the distinctions are coming out. Liquid particles of the Hyperan family, Anta Hype Ryan, Sigma Cascade, photon, neutrinos etc. The sub-strains of atoms have been subject of special research these days. Apart from these fundamental elements, artificial blending of new elements particles with almost similar characteristics is being prepared. All of these atomic particles are going to appear very amazing novels in shape and nature. Nuclear power is being looked at for the future power source and its accessible use is being explored. Wonder how nuanced entity like atom – how trivial things can become a thriving source of power and can play an important role in fulfilling human needs.

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