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There can be no more important work in this world than suppressing the phenomena in the human heart. Help of objects can also prove useful when needed. But he has no permanent importance. In addition to a financially independent person, other people cannot do such a service. Every man can solve his problems permanently in his own happiness and prudence. Living on help of others is neither conducive to the glory of a man nor does he have a permanent solution. The only reason for any difficulties seen in both personal and collective life is misery. If a man improves his habits, create his own nature and fixes the thoughts and actions, then all the hardships facing the outside can be solved in the matter of matter. The welfare of the person and the society is in the fact that the realities get an opportunity to flourish. In this endeavor, some people used to eulogize themselves in ancient times; they were considered great and respected for honor of the Brahmin. Since the realization of phenomena is most important religious work of world, therefore persons engaged in it should also get the top position of respect. This great work can be said to be paramount, for which God has given man special ability, power and importance.

The greater part of the time, effect, knowledge, happiness and wealth of the five worlds should be given to us. In order to meet the needs of personal life, these divine devotees should not be completely destroyed, but for a fraction of a few, some of them should be kept safe for development of realities. In same way as many other important functions are laid down in daily life and somehow they meet them, in same way, this charitable work should also be considered an important and important work for people. For work that we believe will be important, continuous putting a regular fraction of time, effect, knowledge, happiness and wealth will not seem to be a form of weight, but the effort made in that path would seem to be the best meaningful act to bless life.

Various programs have been suggested for eradicating all trends, under Era Creation Campaign. Zodiac libraries – Moving libraries such as work order are accessible for everyone. The person who has the vow is making the order to keep him employed for him. Every person can think of time and labor. The rule should be made to make sure the pieces are there. Effective people can support him in open form, people may pressurize him for a lot of progress. Knowledgeable people can work from their discretion and guidance to inspiration. The wealthy can afford the necessary means for them. If every person makes the order to apply for minimum one hour and ten paisa or one day income for the betterment of earnings, then such a big task can be written in the gold coins in history.

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