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 Russia’s Moscow city is world’s largest city. More than65 lakh people reside in this magnificent town, located in two lakh acres area.New flats are being built up to 1 lakh 20 thousand per year, new homes aregiven to 350 families per day. There are 30 dramas, 100 theaters, 80 highersecondary schools in the whole city. Of these 5 lakh students get educationThere are two million 20 million books stored in the State Leningrad Library.In this vastness, 8 cities like London and 8 cities like Paris can accommodate.What is magnitude of city of Moscow?

There are 4 such huge cities in world we live in. There is no calculation of the little ones There are approximately 6 thousand cities in India alone, and in world, their number will be millions. Thus, number of villages and residents living in them are also filled in the earth. Where is this comprehensive movement of the drought area of ​​13000 kms of diameter and the vastness which does not come in the imagination?

The part of the earth which is being described, which is dry and populated, is only 1/4 of the part, 3/4 part is filled with water. Sea is the sea, let’s see its length-width.

The Indian Ocean area has an area of ​​20 million and 80 million square miles while the total area of ​​both India and Pakistan is 1626148 square meters. From southern tip of Africa to middle of Australia, its length is 6200 miles. It has 30 lakh trillion tonne of water, 80 thousand trillion ton of salt and 20 kilowatts per hour of electricity. The number of organisms living in it is innumerable like genes in human body, when there are three such oceans. Pacific Ocean, whose average depth is 14050 ft 63800000 sq. Miles, the Atlantic Ocean 12880 feet deep is 3183,000 sq. Miles, the Arctic Ocean is 4200 feet deep and spreads 5440000 square miles. How can one experience the vastness of the Earth with the dry earth and the water which is in addition to the human being as a small human being? That man has been cursed by someone who is so arrogant of his power. Otherwise compared to Earth, it is as small as one hundredth part of the ant’s body than the Himalayan mountain. The earth of 19 million and 70 million square miles and more than 9 square feet of human being – it was a negligible situation.

In this measure of magnitude, the area of ​​the Earth is not the last distance. From that the Sun is several thousand times bigger. The diameter of the Earth is 13000 kilometers and the Sun is 139 million kilometers. But do not think that this sun has become very glorious. He also owns a solar family in which 9 planets Mercury Mercury Venus (Venus), earth (Earth), Mars (Mars), Jupiter (Jupiter), Saturn (Saturn), Varanasi (Uranus), Varun (Neptune) and There are Yum (Pluto) and 61 satellites. There are also 1500 small planets called the Avatar Planets or Astroids. Space pests and many cusp of stars also come in this solar system. The diameter of this Solar System is 11800000000000 Kms. is. They get light from the milky way galaxy.

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