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We want others to treat us with generosity, generosity and mellowness which will be helpful in our progress and do not do any such work, that there is any kind of disruption in happiness and convenience. Do such other people have similar hope from us? When we think that if there is no flaw in the fulfillment of their selfishness and they get unfair advantage from others, then why would they not want to do the same with us? All disturbances arise in keeping two distributions of taking and giving. If it is okay that we should not be anybody’s assistant, do not work for anybody, do not treat anybody with generosity, humility and forgiveness, then be prepared for this also that if other people behave like this, we will be in our mind. Do not accept anything bad.

When we climb the rail and other people are sitting in the bed spreading, we have to stand. They ask the people to take feet together and let us sit down, then they come to fight. To avoid the hassle, we complete our journey, and the mind itself cries the selfishness and tolerance of people sitting there. But when we find the place So we behave the same way. In the same way, they spread legs and become so harsh towards new travelers. Is this dual approach proper?

If our daughter becomes fit for marriage, we want her to behave as a gentleman without dowry, accept marriage relation, give a lot of cheer to the dowry seekers. But when our boy gets married, we show the same loyalty as others had shown on the occasion of his girl’s wedding. Someone takes our stolen, dishonesty, cheats, it feels very bad, but we also behave in the same way in our business, and then we are happy and proud of that cleverness. If this two-dimensional policy continued, how can happiness and peace prevail in human society?

If a person takes away some lending from us when we need it, then we hope that in the past, this person will remember this aid gratefully and will return this loan as soon as possible. If we change the eyes when it comes back, then how bad we feel. If this is to be kept in mind and to give credit to someone’s lending, then it should be taken care of according to its aspiration. Why should we stop anybody from borrowing more than one moment? We expect others from others to say or respond whenever they speak, sympathetically, softly and lovingly speak with a sympathetic attitude. If someone replies with bitterness, stubbornness, neglect, and rudeness, then he feels very sad. If this thing gets absorbed in the mind, then why will not we always be happy in our speech? It is especially important to help others in the time of our suffering that is to be taken into account. If other people are in pain, if they expect us to help, then is it justified that we should be harsh? With our children, we hope that our service will be done in old age and will pay our gratitude. But our behavior towards our old parents is very neglectful. Can any real result ever come out of this double policy?

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