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Doing work of worship to become a spiritual person – we die. This is spiritual teaching. This teaching teaches us that along with burning incense, we have to think that it produces light within us. We sit down with a lamp. The lamp keeps burning. God does not appear in the night, something is understood; But does not it appear in day? What is the need to burn the lamp in front of God in the day? It’s not needed. Who says that lamp burns, why spend our money? Why spend our ghee It also has no benefit to us and no benefit to you. Your appearance is visible to us and we can see you without lamp too. Your eyes are also intact; Then why do the lamp burn and why make money poor?

The question is so small, but its implications are very cryptic. It is related to the development of emotional level. The lamp is a symbol of light. This is symbol of light in our inner light and in whole world. Darkness of ignorance has covered our lives. A life full of glee and joy, full of Gods property, in which all humor and joy are shadowed; How did you make our life defiled? What made the illusion? Nothing is seen even after everything is happening. We have everything, but we know that we are most poor in world. Do we have any shortage of things? One section of our mind comes out that turns us into laughter; But we all have the opportunity to be happy all the time, the opportunity to be angry, the opportunity to complain, the chance to investigate, the opportunity to roam the country, and the opportunity to travel abroad. All the life of Sara got out of this turbulence.

We lit lamp and said that Deepak! Water and teach us too. A lamp with a low status, lamp for a rooftop oil, a lamp lying in a clay stick! You can create light in darkness. My chant is more precious with you. May my soul be enlightened with your light, with which I can make this discretion of happiness as idolatrous. Make your brain light. This is purpose of lighting lamp. If you had to burn only the lamp of emotion, then the spirit would say that if you burn a lamp, then it is the same thing, if you burn the torch, then it is the same thing, if you burn fire then that is matter. Burn stove, keep it big, keep bonfire together. What’s going to happen and what’s going to get worse? What is the harm of God by burning fire and what is made of God by burning lamp? So Deepak! You allow us to proclaim your feelings.

We offer flowers to the God. We bring flowers, laughing flowers, flowers full of fragrance, and colorful flowers. In this our youth is thriving and our life is shaky. Our talents are talented and talented. Our heart is like a beautiful flower. Wherever he will place it anywhere, wherever he will send, there will be welcome. She will send her to the families, they are happy When the boy earns it. If the engineer earns eight hundred fifty rupees, then the wages go on growing. Maya goes into the house. Who will refuse? no one will. If the flavored flower is kept in the hand of wife, then will the wife refuse? Applying it to the nose, smell the chest and apply it to chest and say that my beloved has brought flower of the rose. Friends! What do we do to flower? We break the fragrance flower from tree and dedicate it at the feet of God and say that God is ultimate Father! O power and source of devotion! We dedicate our lives on flowers to your cherished people like flowers. This is our flower, this is our heart, everything is up to you.

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