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In Czechoslovakia such a machine has been prepared; Which is used to cut or pierce thin metal sheets and quick melting metals. This machine can harvest right till one hundredth of a millimeter. Accurate and accurate (Accurate) is not done with any sharp weapon, knife or saw. This work is done by throwing rays of electrons. The electrons have an electrifying capacity of 600,000 volts. If a beam of several rays is used then how much power can flow from it? It can be easily estimated. The lending of the electron atom is only electrical charge. It is only a fraction of a very subtle atom of .00000001 millimeters in diameter. But atom itself also has no independent existence. Only the effect of the electronic microscope can be seen. The most amazing world of atom exists in its consciousness, nucleus or nucleus (nucleus). The findings in this regard are important and are known as Nuclear Science (Nuclear Science). His introduction was in 1895. Henry Bequarel did it and James Chadwick developed it.

Finding Suspended Power in the Nucleus, They trace the many mysteries of neutron and make them techie in the entire world of science. By detecting nuclear power, Prof. Fermi had to say, ‘We have got entangled in small things. In fact, there are great powers in the world, by which we can make ourselves stronger and more happy by making a relationship. ‘The particle of nature has an eternal power reservoir in it. In fact, all this world is the power form.  The small atom represents its own solar system and the boundless expansion of the universe that is full of splendor. Long ago the atom was considered to be the smallest unit of matter. It turns out that the atom is also a solar system, whose nucleus is the nucleus of Nucleus. The electrons around it circled like planets. The back of the nuclei is also not lonely. It is made up of protons and neutron particles. Later it was also known that they were not even two. Within the atom, 150 primary particles are being counted. Their properties, religion can now be found in very simple values. These are not permanent lasting, born new generations produce and die. These particles can be divided into two sections, in terms of electric charge, positron particle. Electron particle The smallest unit of energy in nuclear physics is considered as ‘electron voltage’. It is so small that as a matter of very little hand, the pencil’s tip is filled with a lot of flexibility. The primary particle is considered to be the same energy. The existence of atom is so small that it can not be known in its natural state, it is only when it is made to make playful by giving it extra energy.

Only such a fluctuation can increase the 1000 to 10,000 electrol volts, we can bring them to any work. To distract its nucleus, it requires a voltage of up to 100 million electrons by placing millions. The structure of the particles found in different substances is different. Only one proton is found in the nucleus of hydrogen atom while many others. In uranium nuclei, 92 protons are found. The fat and the normative rule of physics is that the same charged particles push away each other and pull each other with uneven charge. This is the basis of electricity and magnetism. There are positive protons in the nucleus, therefore, in the nature, the debtor will electrify them. But the surprise is that all Protons within the nucleus are positive and they work together side by side. In this, the universal principle of physics is reversed. While solving this problem, the scientists have come to the conclusion that the electromagnetic rule is abolished in the area of ​​the nucleus, in place of it, another force works, which is named as ‘Nuclear force’. It is believed to be 100 times more powerful than the electromagnetic force. Its effect is limited to its small area. Primary particles roam not only in their small orbit but also in the axis.

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